Your Support Matters

The Still and Tubman Foundation is dedicated to helping students with school supplies year round, giving scholarships to high school students majoring in business, and budding entrepreneurs.  We need your help. Become a supporter today and change the life of students, and budding entreprenurs forever!

Your support helps provide school supplies to needy students in low income schools in the community.  Your donation dollars help get students paper, pens, and other extras they need to be successful in the classroom.  Our students deserves a fighting chance to succeed in life and your donation will help them.

Your support helps us provide scholarships to high school graduates of low income schools that’s majoring in business.  Your donation dollars will help needy graduates to pay towards their college education.  Everyone knows that a 4 year degree is getting expensive every year so why not help the least among us to be successful and your dollars will help them.

Your support helps budding entrepreneurs realize their dreams. Our goal is to be able to accommodate every budding entrepreneur that contact us.  Your contributions ensure they will get a small amount of seed money to get started in business, experienced advice with their business, and money management advice.  With this goal, we will better our communities and build future leaders.

The Still and Tubman Foundation gratefully accepts general financial contributions from organizations and individuals who support our mission and vision. Such contributions provide us with unrestricted funds to support our goals of helping our community.