I didn’t used to think I was good at anything, but now I think I might be good at drawing. I can draw a dog and a cat and a flower now. Next week I’m learning how to draw a bird. Animals are my favorite things to draw. I feel really calm and peaceful when I’m drawing in the studio.

I like to write, and Mr. Tokarski is teaching me how to write poetry. We read together every day so that I can discover poets I like. Shel Silverstein and Edward Lear are my favorites, and I have written 3 poems so far. I always feel great when I finish one. I hope to be a writer someday!

Healing Heart Studios has given me a place where I can practice my flute after school. I was never able to do that at home, but now I have a soundproof room to play in. Mrs. Pearson taught me how to write the notes down on staff paper, and now I’m composing music!